Rodino Associates has produced an "Information Series" of articles on issues that challenge urban societies, summaries based on the work we have done. Topics have covered issues in urban economic development, industrial development policy, real estate investments, and downtown revitalization. It is our intent to add value to your storehouse of knowledge. If you would like to purchase any of these articles individually or as a package, you may do so here.

Some of the articles included are:

  • Review and Summary of Superstore Impact Studies since 2003Information Series Article No. 101
  • Risk – Reward Management Strategies in Real Estate Investment and Development: Information Series Article No.102
  • Downtown Revitalization for Fun and Profit: Information Series Article No. 103
  • Risk - Reward Management Strategies in Real Estate Investment and Development - Part II - Information Series Article No. 104
  • Identifying and Encouraging the Development of Underutilized Urban Industrial Land - Information Series Article No. 105


To see the full list of articles available for sale, click here.

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