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Superstores Economic Impact Analyses

Rodino Associates is a nationally recognized leader is preparing superstore impact studies, especially in connection with Walmart Supercenters and their impacts on neighborhood and downtown retailing. In addition, we have prepared an online course that will teach you how to analyze the economic impacts of superstores on your community and downtown retail district (see below) Our track record is noteworthy:

  • Prepared Superstore and big Box impact on low income areas for the City of Los Angeles referred to as “The Rodino Report”
  • The City of Los Angeles wrote its ordinance regulating big box retail around the recommendations of The Rodino Report.
  • Studies were prepared for San Diego, Torrance, and Burbank, CA.
  • Our Op-Ed piece on superstore impacts “Gains From Wal-Mart-Style Stores Not So Super” appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal on August 29, 2011
  • Information Article on Superstores – No. 101

Courses Online – Superstore Impact Analysis