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Summary of Projects

Projects are organized in six categories of topics:


LOS ANGELES MAYOR’S OFFICE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Created city-wide industrial development policies to stimulate business and job development in industrial sectors, with particular focus on redevelopment project areas. Studies prepared include:

  • The Industrial Land Base of the City of Los Angeles and Policy Implications
  • Policies, Strategies and Programs of Action to encourage Development of Industrial Land
  • Industrial Development Policies of Selected U.S. and Los Angeles Area Cities, including:
    • Philadelphia Baltimore Chicago Houston Phoenix Seattle Las Vegas
    • San Jose South Gate City of Industry City of Commerce Vernon Ontario
  • Mixed-use Industrial & Residential Land Use Analysis

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY STUDIES FOR LOS ANGELES CITY COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY: Created integrated economic development and redevelopment strategies by focusing on industry clusters. Surveyed six major industries in LA region, surveyed all major industrial areas in city, recommended strategies for Central Industrial and Adelante-Eastside redevelopment project areas. Prepared survey of funding sources. Reports included:

  • Industry Cluster Summaries: Environmental Technology, Apparel, Biomedical, Food Processing, Furniture, Movie/TV Production
  • Environmental Technology Industry Economic Development and Site Location Issues
  • Recommendations and Implementation for the Development of an Environmental Technology Industry based Eco-Industrial Park in Los Angeles
  • Funding Survey for Eco-Industrial Development – Funding Feasibility
  • Sustainable Industrial Development Planning Project for the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles

CO-MANAGED THE DEVELOPMENT of five major development projects totaling $150 million, in light industrial, retail, office, apartment, and hotel properties. Prepared feasibility analyses, obtained equity and loan funding approvals, negotiated leases, monitored/approved construction draws. Total development cost: $165 mil

LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY – GROCERY INDUSTRY AND WORKERS IMPACT ON LOS ANGELES ECONOMY: Study of the economic impact of the grocery industry on the City of Los Angeles and of the impact of Los Angeles on the Grocery Industry.

THE SUPERMARKET INDUSTRY IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY: A comprehensive sectoral analysis of the supermarket industry including its history, retail strategies and financials, inner-city concentrations, job creation and economic development impact. Prepared as part of a Ph.D. program research project at the UCLA School of Public Affairs, Department of Urban Planning.


STATE COLLEGE DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT: Business attraction and retention strategies are being prepared for the State College Downtown Improvement District.

MONTEREY PARK, CA REDEVELOPMENT FEASIBILITY ANALYSES: Development feasibility for retail/residential and retail/office developments in the Central Downtown area was tested through the preparation of 12 development pro formas.

FEDERAL URBAN REVITALIZATION POLICY: FROM THE NEW DEAL TO THE NINETIES, Submitted in preparation for the Comprehensive Ph.D. qualifying exam in Local Urban Revitalization Strategies, UCLA Department of Urban Planning

THE ROLE OF AN ACTIVIST STATE GOVERNMENT IN DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION: BOSTON, MASSACHUSTETTS, 1970-2000. Submitted in preparation for the Comprehensive Ph.D. qualifying exam in Local Urban Revitalization Strategies, UCLA Department of Urban Planning

THE REDEVELOPMENT OF BUNKER HILL, LOS ANGELES: A CASE STUDY IN LOCAL URBAN REVITALIZATION; Submitted in preparation for the Comprehensive Ph.D. qualifying exam in Local Urban Revitalization Strategies, UCLA Department of Urban Planning

URBAN DESIGN AS AN URBAN REVITALIZATION STRATEGY; Submitted in preparation for the Comprehensive Ph.D. qualifying exam in Local Urban Revitalization Strategies, UCLA Department of Urban Planning

URBAN REVITALIZTION IN AN ETHNIC ENCLAVE: HUNTINGTON PARK, CA 1965-1985; Submitted in preparation for the Comprehensive Ph.D. qualifying exam in Local Urban Revitalization Strategies, UCLA Department of Urban Planning

DOWNTOWN L. A. BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT REVITALIZATION STRATEGIES: Developed revitalization strategies that included retail recruitment and retention, business recruitment and retention, and the recruitment of developers for new and adaptive re-use developments. The strategies outlined the creation of the “Downtown Center for Development and Adaptive Re-use”.

DOWNTOWN POMONA REVITALIZATION PROGRAM: Created and directed a one year start-up effort to begin the revitalization of downtown Pomona, California. Project included preparation of a strategic plan, creation of promotional events, preparation of retail space inventory and a marketing plan.

CITY OF INDIO: Evaluated market for retailing, residential and business attraction/retention in connection with the redevelopment of downtown Indio. Prepared leakage analyses, development pro formas, and the analyzed the potential for creating downtown retail/arts district, foreign trade zone, and mixed-use residential developments.

CITY OF CARSON: Developed Carson Street revitalization strategies, prepared market analyses, development scenarios and feasibility pro formas, including retail, urban entertainment, residential and office development concepts.

DOWNTOWN DOWNEY REINVESTMENT REVITALIZATION PROGRAM: Initiated the process of revitalizing Downtown Downey, began recruitment of retailers and developers, initial creation of coalition of downtown stakeholders, identified retailer and developer responses, implementation recommendations.

CITY OF MOORPARK RETAIL REVITALIZATION FEASIBILITY: Tested the feasibility of retail revitalization for downtown Moorpark, and prepared retailer and developer recruiting and redevelopment plans, under a subcontract to KatzHollis and Stanley R. Hoffman & Assoc.

MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS FOR “MIRACLE ON BROADWAY” in Downtown Los Angeles: Prepared marketing and promotional strategies, conduced a highly successful district-wide “Mother’s Day” sale, prepared advertising materials, organized local retailers, and interfaced with print media.

AGOURA HILLS DOWNTOWN CENTER: Prepared retail market analysis and redevelopment strategies for the creation of a proposed new downtown center.

LOS ANGELES CITY COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY: Conducted a commercial blight survey for the adoption of a new redevelopment plan for Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles, through a subcontract with KatzHollis.

CITY OF SANTEE BLIGHT ANALYSIS: Conducted a commercial blight survey for the adoption of a new redevelopment plan for Santee, in San Diego County


Ph.D. Dissertation at UCLA School of Public Affairs, Department of Urban Planning, 2003

SUPERSTORE AND BIG BOX RETAIL IMPACT STUDY, CITY OF LOS ANGELES, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT: The City of Los Angeles prepared its Superstore ordinance around the recommendations of this study of the impacts of superstores on low income areas.

SHOPPING CENTER MANAGEMENT: President of shopping center management firm. Directed the management of a portfolio of 12 neighborhood and community shopping centers in California, totaling 1.5 million square feet of retail space, including the preparation of management plans, lease negotiations, repositioning plans, marketing and promotions.

PASADENA RETAIL REVITALIZATION PLANNING FOR FAIR OKS/ORANGE GROVE: Provided economic feasibility analyses as part of a Master Planning project for Northwest Pasadena at Orange Grove and Fair Oaks. The analyses included the feasibility of re-tenanting, renovation and expansion, and attracting a major supermarket to the intersection, in this Latino and African-American neighborhood.

PLAZA AZTECA – POMONA, CALIFORNIA: A plan was developed to reposition, re-tenant, remarket, and redesign a 250,000 sq. ft. enclosed shopping center in Pomona, to better focus it on the Latino retail market, for the property owner, the Amsted Corporation.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (MTA): Market analyses for retailing, entertainment and services as part of site redevelopment strategies and feasibility analyses for MTA sites at Wilshire/Alvarado, North Hollywood, and Universal City.

STATE STREET SANTA BARBARA REDEVELOPMENT FEASIBILITY: A comprehensive investment and redevelopment feasibility analysis of the 1100 block of State Street was prepared including re-tenanting, and renovation, for a major development firm.

CITY OF VISALIA: Prepared auto dealership relocation analysis. Evaluated auto market, location issues, impacts on city revenues and on competitors resulting from possible relocation of several local dealerships. Interviewed principals, analyzed sales and property tax impacts, and delivered presentation to City Council.

CITY OF LA MIRADA – BIG BOX RETAILING: Retained as expert witness by La Mirada through the law firm of Straddling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, in a lawsuit focused on big box retailers and the State of California’s Anti-Piracy ordinance (AB 174). Researched the statute, supporting and dissenting comments, how the term “big box retailer” is used by the public and private sectors, investigated the term “retailer” as defined by federal SIC and NAICS codes, and provided expert testimony in Los Angeles Superior Court on February 27, 2003.

REGIONAL MALL INVESTMENT FEASIBILITY: For General Electric Capital a study was prepared, with LaCagnina & Associates, of the investment feasibility of developing Forest Fair Mall, Cincinnati, and Richland Mall, Richland, S.C., totaling over 2 million square feet of retail space, costing $350 million.

WHITTIER BOULEVARD REVITALIZATION FOR CITY OF MONTEBELLO: Conducted bilingual surveys of shoppers, residents, and merchants to determine retailing needs and perceptions for revitalizing Whittier Boulevard, in this primarily Latino community.

LOS ANGELES ALLIANCE FOR A NEW ECONOMY: Conducted training program in shopping center development, prepared retail leakage analysis for Adams-LaBrea trade area, prepared retail operating cost survey.

GLENDALE FASHION SQUARE REDEVELOPMENT: Prepared an analysis of the redevelopment feasibility of the 350,00 square foot Glendale Fashion Square, anchored by Robinson’s Department store for LaCagnina & Associates and mall ownership.

OHRBACH’S PROPERTY RE-USE: Retained by a major financial institution to determine the feasibility of converting the former Ohrbach’s Department store at Wilshire and Fairfax, Los Angeles, to a multi-level shopping mall. Finding the project unfeasible, the property is now the L.A. County Automotive Museum.

AGUA CALIENTE TRIBAL GAMING CASINO: Conducted market research, competitive retailer research and feasibility analyses in connection with a planned shopping center development co-located with a new gaming casino.

SUPERMARKET FEASIBILITY – SANTA MONICA, CA: Determined the feasibility of attracting and developing a major supermarket to a site owned by the City of Santa Market.


BELLEFONTE, PA MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING DEVELOPMENT MARKET ANALYSIS: A comparative analysis of 15 competitive multi-family rental housing projects was prepared for a local developer.

MISSION GARDENS AT SAN GABRIEL TOWN HOME DEVELOPMENT: Project manager for development of 22 town home condominiums in the City of San Gabriel. Prepared development feasibility pro formas, project scheduling, market research, obtained entitlements, interface with city agencies, architects, engineers, attorneys and sales team. Prepared and negotiated deal structure as J/V with property owners. Completed Nov 2009.

SOUTH BRONX HOUSING REHABILITATION PROJECT: Rodino Associates created and implemented a major housing rehabilitation program for the Bathgate Community Development Corporation. The 7 year program encompassed the rehabilitation of 400 tenement apartment units, and direction of day to day operations including development of grant and loan funding, property acquisition, construction, tenant organization and recruiting, and property management, in a Latino and African-American community.

RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM MARKET RESEARCH: A market analysis and development feasibility study of a 50 unit condominium project was prepared for the Robert Charles Lesser Company and its client.

HOUSING REHAB AND NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION STUDY – ORANGE COUNTY, CA: A comprehensive study was prepared of the housing stock, housing needs and feasible neighborhood revitalization strategies for low-moderate income unincorporated communities and small cities in Orange County, California.

MIXED-USE APARTMENT – OFFICE – RETAIL PROJECT IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA: A development – investment feasibility analysis of a $40 million mixed-use project in the Paradise Valley area of Phoenix was prepared for Glen Fed Realty Investments and their joint-venture development partner.

HIGHEST AND BEST USE ANALYSIS – RESIDENTIAL/RETAIL PROJECT: For Wells Fargo Bank’s Trust Department a highest and best use analysis was prepared for a townhouse condominium – retail site in Sylmar. The study included the creation of development and entitlement strategies.

HOUSING REHAB AND NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION STUDY – HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: A survey was conducted of the housing conditions in the low-moderate income areas of Huntington Beach, and neighborhood revitalization strategies were developed.

CITY OF VISALIA: Prepared historic preservation analysis for redevelopment and renovation of downtown historic commercial buildings and conversion into housing.


PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS AND DISPOSITIONS: Acquired and sold over $500 million of investment quality shopping centers, office buildings, apartments and light industrial properties throughout the southwestern United States, for developers and major institutional investors.

SIMI INDUSTRIAL PARK, SIMI VALLEY, CA.: Analyzed the feasibility of developing a $40 million industrial park for the Greg Hewson Company and Glendale Federal Bank, in Simi Valley, California.

SHERATON HOTEL DEVELOPMENT FEASIBILITY STUDY, REDONDO BEACH, CA.: An investment and development feasibility analysis was conducted of a $52 million Sheraton Hotel and retail complex in Redondo Beach for a joint-venture between the Glenfed Realty Company and Sheraton Hotel corporation.

SHOPPING CENTER DEVELOPMENT: Provided equity from major financial institution and co-developed a 150,000 sq. ft. Target Stores anchored shopping center in Cypress, CA.



HISPANIC MARKET SHOPPING CENTER INVESTMENT STRATEGY FOR THE LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN AREA: An investment strategy was developed incorporating analyses of demographics, shopping and consumption patterns, retail market characteristics, job creation potential, and shopping center investment performance in the Latino market. Prepared for the RILEY – PEARLMAN COMPANY and their Real Estate Investment Trust clients.

ASSET MANAGEMENT STRATEGY FOR AN UNDERPERFORMING INDUSTRIAL PORTFOLIO: A study was prepared that developed and examined four asset management strategies for improving the investment performance of a portfolio of industrial properties in Tempe,Arizona, for a major financial institution.

PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: A comprehensive investment strategy was prepared for Glen Fed Realty Investments analyzing the long and short term strengths of retail, office, multi-family residential, and light industrial properties in Southern California.

BEVERLY THEATRE RE-USE PROJECT: For Columbia Savings and the City of Beverly Hills an analysis was prepared of the potential for re-use of the Beverly Theatre as a live theatre, a high-tech movie or a retail property.

PHILHARMONIC HALL RE-USE STUDY: A study of the re-use of Philharmonic Hall in downtown Los Angeles as a live theatre, a concert hall, a high-tech movie theatre or a retail center was prepared for the David Houk Development Corporation.

FINANCIAL MARKET SURVEY: A survey of the commercial real estate finance market was prepared for a major financial institution to assist in the structuring of their commercial real estate loan program.


Bellefonte, PA Planned development of mixed-use hotel, restaurant, retail, office and residential ppty

 State College PA Downtown Improvement District: Prepared business recruitment& retention strategies.

Centre County PA Conducted a market research study and financial feasibility development analysis for a multi-family residential development in the Centre Region-Bellefonte area for the Torron Group.

Prepared Senior Housing market research and development feasibility analysis for Central PA developer

Served on the Downtown Bellefonte Economic Development Committee

Centre County Industrial Development Corporation: Developed “Growing Green” conceptual plans for an eco-industrial / environmental technology Industrial Park at Benner Commerce and Penn State University for Innovation Park